Agoo Group feat. Kofi Quarshie (English)

The Agoo Group – one of the most famous dance and drum groups of West Africa – will again be touring through Europe next year.

In 1993 the Agoo Group was founded by Kofi Quarshie, a master drummer and professional musician, lives in Austria.

The professional musicians and dancers from Ghana (West Africa) know very well how to arrange the variety and richness of the West African music and dance in a very traditional but also innovative way.

The ensemble is characterized by highest professionality and quality.

They demonstrate the wide range of traditional music with percussion instruments like kpanlogos, oprentes, obunos or the gome.

The members of Agoo Group learned their skills among others from famous ensembles like the Royal Obonu Drummers, the Pan African Orchestra or the Ghana Dance Ensemble.

In the first years the Agoo Group toured not only through Africa like for example through Togo, Gambia and South Africa, but also through America and Europe. Some stops were in France, Germany, the Netherlands or Austria.


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