About us

Talking Drum Productions

is a development project and an initiative from Musicians for Musicians who could not sit and wait for manner to fall from heaven to exhibit their musical talents and carrier.

The brainchild of this project is Emmanuel Kormedoda, a Ghanaian Musician, Bass Player, Singer and main coordinator of the Band Vitamin X.

He is living in Germany since 1979, and he found the behaviour of most Music Agents, Producers and Record Companies towards no name and no Star Musicians very disheartening and discouraging, in the process of finding Gigs, Record deals and distribution deals, to pursue their musical Profession. The Project has helped since 1991 several groups and solo artists to realize their potentials and worth as professional Musicians.

The project extended it’s wings to the motherland Africa where it opened in 1993 a branch in Accra, the capital of Ghana. There Kormedoda produced several groups and brought them on Tour to Germany and England in 1995 and 1997.

The project Talking Drum Village

… which is in progress in Ghana, is to help create a resource base for developing the skills and talents of  local musicians by providing them with

  • the necessary technical back-up,
  • infrastructure to enable them  access international markets.
  • High standard Recording Studios,
  • a large main-stage for live shows of  international standards,
  • Record deals
  • Artist Advisory Offices with Seminars on the World Music Industry.

These are  the main features of  Talking Drum Village.

Local and international performers will have the opportunity to work together, exchange ideas and transfer skills acquired at grass-roots and international levels.


Time and tide waits for no man so make hay while the sun shines.